Polaria Beach in in Singkawang City, West Kalimantan Province

For those coming to Singkawang City, they should not forget to drop by in several beautiful beaches that scatter all over the region. For instance, there is Polaria Beach located in Selakau Sub-District. To be exact, the location is in Sungai Rusa Village. So, why should tourists go there? The first reason is definitely to enjoy the panorama. The site is suitable for resting before continuing the trip, after all. Also, the beach is located near to a local settlement so visitors can find ample facilities to use during the visit. Even it takes only 3 km to get to the local market!

The Nuance
Unlike regular beaches, Polaria doesn’t feature a sandy shoreline. Instead, it comes with a rocky landscape on the side of the shoreline. For the information, the locals pile those rocks in order to prevent sea abrasion. The next thing to know is related to the waves, which look calm and safe. Despite the fact, people aren’t likely to swim in it. It is because the water looks murky (like those of the north beaches). The best thing is that the beach comes with warm and comfy wind. Not to mention the panorama looks great, especially during the sunset.

Exploring Polaria Beach
For the information, Polaria Beach was once used in a local movie scene. This becomes a reason why many travelers come to the site, actually. What is more? Well, the locals often come to Polaria for sightseeing. They simply walk on those stones by the shore and watch the sea scenery comfortably. For the best nuance, though, everyone should consider visiting the beach in the afternoon.

Polaria Beach also becomes a nice location to collect photos, especially for those who love photography. Many interesting objects are available to capture, after all. These include the sea, formation of stones, villagers, sunset, and much more. For a merrier nuance, tourists should only come during big days like Ramadan. At those times, the locals often gather in the beach and enjoy a family recreation together. In fact, some of them come from other regions!

The next allure in Polaria Beach is the presence of local food vendors and eateries. What tourists need is extra cash, so they can buy some foods or drinks while watching the sea scenery. Nothing can beat such experience, no? Moreover, they can choose where they should eat based on the personal preferences. Have no worries. When it comes to the price, those foods are considered affordable.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
A trip to Polaria Beach may take around 3 hours and 20 minutes if tourists come from Singkawang City. After all, the distance is 169 km. Have no worries. This trip becomes faster if tourists take Ahmad Yani Street. What they need to do is head to Selakau Sub-District first. Next, they should reach Sungai Rusa Village afterward where the beach resides. For first-timers, they can ask the direction from villagers, if necessary.

Where to Stay

  • Rainbow Hotel
  • Astina Graha Guesthouse
  • Sentosa Hotel

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