Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Monastery in Singkawang City, West Kalimantan Province

Some passionate travelers in Indonesia might have recognized the charm of Singkawang City, especially when it comes to the Chinese Culture. No wonder, visitors can find an iconic vacation destination like Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Monastery there. The location is in Melayu Village and it belongs to Singkawang Barat Sub-District. The building was built in 1878 and has been used as worshipping place for the oldest Tri Dharma’s congregation until now. They believe that the temple may protect them from bad spirits. Also, the local Chinese use it to worship God Bumi Raya or Tua Peh Kong. Still, as the time goes by, it also attracts tourists regardless of from where they come.

The Nuance
Despite the small size, Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Monastery looks unique and attractive. Like other Chinese temples, it applies two prime colors which are red and gold. At the gate, tourists may find a spot to put incenses. There is even a small red cart used as an ornament near to it. On the top of the building, there are two golden-colored dragon ornaments too! In terms of nuance, it feels both sacred and mystical. The incense odor is also quite strong inside! Another impressive feature is the presence of three Pek Kong statues located inside the monastery and these are made of wood. For the information, these objects have been there more than a hundred years!

Exploring Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Monastery
The first allure in Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Monastery is none other than the history. In this case, visitors can ask the information either from the keeper or tour guide. It is said the monastery got fire and destroyed in 1936. Later, the local government renovated it and retained its historical value. In fact, it was included in the list of Heritage Building so both the government and locals should work together to retain its value.

In the past, the monastery was only used as a resting area for those who come from outside Singkawang City. Later, as the time went by, it becomes a permanent worshipping place and vacation spot for everyone. The second allure is definitely the presence of unique statues scattered in different parts of the building. The prime statue is called Tua Peh Kong with its wife! Located near to it, tourists can also find God On Chi Siu Bong and Kok Sing Bong Statue as well! If people walk in the midst of the building, they may see a big statue of Buddha Gautama.

Here is the tip. The best time to visit Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Monastery is during Cap Go Meh or the Chinese’s New Year. It is because tourists can watch and join the local events and unique rituals done by the locals. In this case, make sure to carry a camera!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
For those coming from Pontianak City, they can directly head to Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Monastery by available local transportation service. For the information, the distance is 156 km, so the trip might take around 2 hours and 57 minutes. Here is the tip. They must take Ahmad Yani Street for a faster trip!

Where to Stay

  • Khatulistiwa Hotel
  • Airy Eco Hotel
  • Kalbar Hotel
  • Prapatan Hotel

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