Rindu Alam Hill in Singkawang City, West Kalimantan Province

Even though Sedau Village of South Singkawang Sub-District is known for beautiful beaches, tourists can also find a stunning hill to explore! The name is Rindu Alam Hill and it is located near to Pasir Panjang Beach. In fact, visitors should pass through the beach first before arriving at the location. For the information, it also costs some money to buy the entrance fee. Have no worries. The ticket gives everyone an access to 3 different vacation spots including Rindu Alam Hill, the beach, and the zoo! It is a triple treat!

The Nuance
The best spot to witness the panorama is definitely on the top of the hill. However, it takes some time and efforts to get there. Not to mention the route is steep and winding. The good news is the local government has installed the road signs, so travelers can be more careful while driving. Also, during the trip, tourists are able to enjoy stunning natural scenery on the horizon. Once arriving at the top of the hill, they may find gazebos and some good spots for sightseeing. Even Singkawang City is seen clearly up there! Here is an important tip. Make sure not to come during rainy season. Otherwise, a thick cloud may often surround the site and block such stunning views.

Exploring Rindu Alam Hill
According to the locals, the best time to visit Rindu Alam Hill is between August and February. It is said the temperature and weather are is the best at those times. Also, tourists should come earlier in the morning to feel the freshest air of the highland. When it comes to the best scenery, the hill offers the formation of mountains including Besar, Lapis, and Kota Mountain. All of them can be seen clearly up there as long as the spot is not covered by fog.

For the information, Rindu Alam Hill resides in the height of 400 meters above the sea level. It is true tourists should spend some time to get to the top of the hill, but they would get satisfying rewards afterward. Not only they are able to witness the view of mountains, but they can see stunning Simping and Bajau Beach clearly!

After parking the vehicle at the available spot, tourists should climb stairs and get to the viewing post up there. On the site, some gazebos await them. Also, during trekking, they may see several small animals like frogs, turtles, and iguanas! Make sure to take pictures of them later. Here is an alternative. Tourists should consider getting to the top of Rindu Alam Hill in the evening. It is because the sparkling view of Singkawang City looks mesmerizing at the time.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bajau Beach
  • Sinka Zoo
  • Pasir Panjang Beach
  • Batu Burung Beach
  • Kura-Kura Beach

How to Get There
From Pontianak City, a trip to Rindu Alam Hill may take about 2 hours and 44 minutes. After all, the distance is 144 km. This trip becomes faster, though, if tourists take Ahmad Yani Street and use the best transportation service. Their first destination is South Singkawang Sub-District. Next, they can directly head to Sedau Village where the hill resides. Remember, it also takes some time to get to the top of the hill!

Where to Stay

  • Natuna Hotel
  • Dayang Resort

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