Tidayu Dance of Singkawang City, West Kalimantan Province

For those visiting Singkawang City, they shouldn’t focus only on natural attractions. It is because the region also offers interesting traditions for them to watch. As for the example, there is Tidayu Dance. The name derives from three different tribes, which are Tionghoa – Dayak – Melayu. As the name suggests, the dance represents those 3 cultures so it is quite rich and meaningful! Usually, the local people perform the dance in order to welcome important guests or as an opening during big events.

The Nuance
Tidayu is the signature dance of Singkawang City, so no tourists should miss the chance to watch it. It is amazing that those dancers are able to move harmoniously despite the difference in culture. Not to mention they wear different attire based on the tribe they are representing. Dayak dancers wear their tribal attire with a shield. The Chinese dancers wear their oriental attire with amusing ornaments. Also, the Malay dancers wear their unique attire with a bowl-like ornament. For the information, the dance is performed on a stage and inside the building. Despite the formality, everyone is allowed to watch it including tourists.

More about Tidayu Dance
The presence of Tidayu Dance helps tourists to enjoy a better vacation in Singkawang City. At least, they may see a distinct dance that combines three different cultures! The only problem is the schedule, as the locals don’t perform it casually. For the information, the dance is only available during the opening of big events and the welcoming party of important guests. Therefore, tourists should talk to their tour guide first regarding the information before visiting Singkawang. Otherwise, they may miss the opportunity to watch the dance.

Instead of being performed one by one, those dancers perform it together regardless of the difference in culture. This is the brilliance of the performance! The Dayak dancers move swiftly while shouting something. Later, female Dayak dancers also appear with their beautiful gestures. Minutes later, Malay dancers appear accompanied by a soothing music. The movements look hypnotizing indeed. Soon after, the beautiful Chinese dancers appear with their unique oriental ornaments. Their movements are also entertaining!

As for tourists, they are allowed to take pictures of those dancers during the performance. However, they must not miss any moments! It is because the event lasts a little bit longer than regular dances. After all, there are three different cultures performing together. It is definitely worth the patience!

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How to Get There
The best place to watch Tidayu Dance is in Singkawang City. For those coming from Pontianak City, they need to find a good vehicle and head to Singkawang right away. The distance is 151 km, so the trip may take around 3 hours and 4 minutes. As for the best route, it is recommended to take Ahmad Yani Street for a faster trip. Also, it is important to learn the schedule of the performance first before visiting!

Where to Stay

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